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NPB101L-Quiz6 2011

NPB101L-Quiz6 2011 - Name Quiz 6 NPB 101L Fall 2008 The...

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Name: ________________________________________ NPB 101L – Fall 2008 Quiz 6 The rules for the take-home quiz: You may use any written references you deem necessary (e.g. lab manual, textbooks) or work with your classmates, but your work must be your own and you are responsible for being able to understand and perform all of the calculations. The quiz must be printed with the answers written in by hand and physically turned in to me at the beginning of lab on Tuesday, no exceptions. Failure to turn in a physical quiz will result in a zero. Please make a copy of your quiz to assist you during the lab exercise . For each question, you must show all your work, include appropriate units, and box your answer to receive full credit. 1. Your weight is __________ lbs which is equal to ________ kilograms. The lab manual specifies how much you should drink based on your weight. Calculate the volumes of each of the four conditions: (1 pt) a) The volume of distilled H 2 O you should drink: __________ b) The volume of isotonic saline you should drink: __________ c) The volume of bicarbonate you should drink: __________ d)
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