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BIS 104_F10 (01)_SampleMidterm 10/22/10 1 Midterm Exam (Sample) Questions 1-4. The diagram below shows the various intracellular compartments involved in secretory/exocytic and endocytic pathways. Arrows indicate the directions of transport. Label the following compartments. 1. Early endosome A. (A) B. (B) C. (C) D. (D) E. (E) 2. Trans Golgi Network (TGN) A. (A) B. (B) C. (C) D. (D) E. (E) 3. Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) A. (A) B. (B) C. (C) D. (D) E. (E) 4. Secretory (transport) vesicle A. (A) B. (B) C. (C) D. (D) E. (E) Questions 5-9. TRUE (A)/FALSE (B) 5. Complementary Rab proteins on transport vesicles and target membranes bind to one another to allow transport vesicles to dock selectively at their appropriate target membranes. 6. Clathrin-coated vesicles can be formed from both the plasma membrane via endocytosis and the trans Golgi network (TGN). 7. A misfolded protein is selectively retained in the ER by binding to chaperone proteins. Only after it has been released from such a chaperone protein—and thus approved as properly folded— does a protein exit from the ER. 8. The nuclear envelope allows free passage of ions and single amino acids.
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BIS 104_F10 (01)_SampleMidterm 10/22/10 2 9. The role of ATP hydrolysis in actin polymerization is similar to that of GTP hydrolysis in tubulin polymerization: both serve to weaken the bonds in the polymers and thereby promote depolymerization. Questions 10-11. Choose one INCORRECT statement for each question. 10. The transmission electron microscopic image below shows a single microfilament polymerized in two different periods of time. The filament polymerized earlier was incubated with the S1 fragment of myosin to form arrow-like decoration. After the decoration, the short filament was incubated with actin monomers to allow more polymerization. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT? A. Arrows point at the minus end (pointed end) of the microfilament. B. The minus end (pointed end) has a higher critical concentration (C c ) for actin polymerization than the plus end (barbed end). C. Most myosins would move toward the left side of the microfilament. D. ATP is required for the second period of polymerization. E. The filament shows a typical treadmilling phenomenon. 11. Lower eukaryotic cells have developed mechanisms that would alter the lipid composition in their membranes. For example, the membrane lipid components would have higher transition temperature when the cells are grown at higher temperatures than that when at lower temperatures. Margarine is made by partially hydrogenating vegetable oil so that it solidifies at temperatures when
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BIS104_F10_Midterm_Sample - BIS 104_F10 (01)_SampleMidterm...

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