Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs - c. They need lots of salinity – full...

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Coral Reefs I. Biology of Corals a. Anatomy of Coral i. Made up of tons of little polyps b. Zooxanthellae i. In coral polyp tentacles ii. Symbiotic relationship between the zooxanthellae and the coral animals c. Coral Forms i. Pillar Corals 1. Grow as single pillars with very few branches ii. Branching corals 1. Branch out, look like fingers iii. Massive Corals 1. Extremely large, boulder like corals iv. Table Corals 1. Grown in layers, very wide 2. Have an increased surface area to increase photosynthesis v. Foliacious (leaf-like) Corals 1. Look like leaves 2. Provide good places for organisms to hide in vi. Encrusting Corals 1. Don’t grow up, but out d. Coral Reproduction i. Hermaphroditic ii. Eject egg/sperm from their polyps II. Geographic Distribution
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a. Tend to appear in clear, warm, low productivity, and low nutrient water b. Water Temperature > 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit)
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Unformatted text preview: c. They need lots of salinity – full strength seawater d. Like light and hard bottom III. Reef Building a. Fringing Reefs i. Reef that hugs the shore with little or no open water between the reef and the slope itself ii. Ex. Fringing Reef in the Red Sea b. Barrier Reefs i. Reef that’s separated from the main land by a lagoon ii. Ex. Great Barrier Reef in Australia c. Atolls i. Circular reef that occurs in the middle of oceans with no land in the middle of it; has a lagoon inside that’s often connected to the open ocean by breaks in the reef IV. Ecology a. Coral acts as a primary producer along with sea weed b. Very little primary productivity energy/action c. Coral-Feeders i. Parrotfish ii....
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Coral Reefs - c. They need lots of salinity – full...

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