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Notes 3-3-11 - 3-3-11 Appearance of Genus Homo Four...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-3-11 Appearance of Genus Homo Four species: Homo habilis Homo erectus Homo sapiens Homo sapiens Homo sapiens sapiens Homo sapiens neandartalensis Homo floresiensis Early Homo Homo habilis -2.4 to 1.6 m.y.a in East Africa -Larger Cranial Capacity -510-750 cm3 -Language? -First use of stone tools? Oldowan tools Chopper/ pebble tools A. Garhi? Earlier Australopithecines? 3.9 mya Homo erectus 1.7 to .3 mya larger cranial capacity -600-1225 cm3 -Language? Larger skeleton More complex stone tools Acheulian tools Handaxes First hominin to use fire Out of Africa! H. Erectus was first hominin found outside of africa -spread throughout Old World Homo Sapiens! Homo sapiens -300,000 ya to present Three Subspecies H. sapiens (archaic) 300,000- 28000 ya H. sapiens neandertalensis 130,000- 35, 000 ya H. sapiens sapiens (AMH) 195000 ya present Marked by increasing cranial capacity explosion of material culture full bipedalism Out of Africa! Small group of modern humans spread and occupied the world -replacing H. Erectus Homo sapiens sapiens 195000 ya to present found everywhere larger cranial capacity 1350 cm3 loss of brow ridge prominent forehead distinctive chin stone tools upper paleolithic tools greater variety of tools Art Homo sapiens neandertalensis 130,000 ya to 28,000 ya europe Larger Cranial capacity 1520 cm3 Cold adapted stone tools middle paleolithic tools large variety of tools Homo Floresiensis- aka "Hobbits" 95,000 ya to 13000 ya small cranial capacity 370 cm3 small gracile bodies 1 meter tool users ...
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Notes 3-3-11 - 3-3-11 Appearance of Genus Homo Four...

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