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Designer Fish - blending in until a small fish comes near...

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The Tie-Dye Fish Madidus Plura The Tie-Dye fish is known primarily for its unusual tie-dye pattern. This multi-colored scale pattern is used to help the Tie-Dye fish camouflage itself amongst the many coral reefs along the border of Australia, where the Tie-Dye fish is most commonly found. The Tie-Dye fish is also known for its unusual caudal fin. The caudal fin is usually vertical on fish; however the Tie-Dye fish has a horizontal caudal fish that is separated as feet on humans would be. This horizontal caudal fin comes in use when the Tie-Dye fish is hiding amongst the coral. The Tie- Dye fish buries itself in between coral with its caudal fin downwards, mouth out. It waits there,
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Unformatted text preview: blending in, until a small fish comes near, and then the Tie-Dye fish uses its fin to kick off from the coral and snap the small fish up and eat it. The Tie-Dye fish is very small itself, only reaching on average 10 in. when fully grown. In order to seem bigger though, the Tie-Dye fish has adapted very large eyes. Its eyes are extremely disproportionate to its body, causing prey and future food to see it as bigger than it actually is. This is another defense mechanism for the Tie-Dye fish, in addition to its bright coloring....
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