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1. Jurisprudence is the comprehension, interpretation, and codification of Shari`ah law. The Arabic term is ‘fiqh’. The Shari`ah is known as the “divine law”, and it is a way of life or conduct that is based upon a set of moral imperatives. The scholars the interpret and comprehend the Shari`ah are known as ‘fuqaha’. These scholars used four sources to help them develop the Islamic Law: the Qur`an, the sunnah, quiyas, and ijma. The Qur`an, the words of the Prophet Muhammad, and the sunnah, Muhammad’s example, are the two primary sources for the Islamic Law. The quiyas and the ijma are personal reasoning of the scholars, involving analogy (quiyas) and agreement amongst the community (ijma). When going about interpreting these laws, there are four main steps the scholars used. The first is to search through the Qur`an or Hadith to find a text that relates to the issue at hand. The second is to think about the similarities and differences between the two cases. The third is for the jurist to allow for differences between the cases. The last step is to extend the rationale or judgment over the new case. 2. The Qur`an is a series of revelations that came to the prophet Muhammad over 22 years. According to Muslim tradition, the revelations came from the angel Gabriel, and the words of Muhammad are said to come from God. It is the main religious text for Muslims and it is repeated many times throughout the day. The Sunnah is a book that tells of the stories and real-life experiences of the prophet Muhammad. The Hadith is a book of the Prophet’s sayings. This book was compiled by eye-witnesses of Muhammad’s sayings,
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islam essay questions - 1 Jurisprudence is the...

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