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1. Documentary Hypothesis is an idea started by Julius Wellhausen that seeks to answer the question “who wrote the Bible?” Wellhausen believes that there are four different sources (people or groups of people) that wrote the Bible: J, E, P, and D. J is known as the Yahwist source, because it used the name Yahweh when referencing God. This source most likely came from the south near Jerusalem, most likely before the split of the north and south. The source refers to the mountain where Moses receives the 10 commandments as Mt. Sinai and the people in the land of Canaan as Canaanites. E is known as the Elohist source, because it used the name Elohim in reference to God. This source is most likely from the north, the time dating sometime after the split. It referred to the mountain as Mt. Horeb and the Canaanites as Amorites. These two sources were written at similar times, and there are many parts of the Bible where the two sources have been mixed and cannot be distinguished. This source is known as JE, because it is a mixture of both sources. The P source is the priestly source. It normally deals with laws, rituals, birth lines, the temple, feasts, and other ritualistic things that the priests found important. A good example of this source is Genesis chapter one. The D source comes from a book found by Josiah in about 621 BCE. In this source, Moses is the speaker, but the language used comes much later than Mosaic times, and it is believed that the priests who found the book actually wrote it. In order for this theory to be correct though, there had to have been someone who took all four sources and put them together to form the Bible. This person is known as the Redactor (R). The redactor is believed to be Ezra, most likely around 450 BCE. 2. When Solomon dies in 921 BCE, the kingdom splits apart. Of the 12 Tribes, ten went north and used the name ‘Israel’ while two went south and stayed centered in Jerusalem and used the name Judah. In 722 BCE the Assyrian Empire invaded in the north and scattered the people through the land. After this the 10 tribes of the north were referred to
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judaism essay questions - 1 Documentary Hypothesis is an...

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