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notes october 4 - -Second quote identification o What is...

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PAPER - Three pages double spaced - MLA format - Don’t have to use prompts; just run it by her if you want to do something different - Don’t use “begging the question…” - Look up capitalization MIDTERM - Three different parts - Won’t be difficult - Test to make sure the material has been read - Essay portion (counts the most) o Similar to in class writings - First: identification of characters and places
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Unformatted text preview: -Second: quote identification o What is the significance of the quote o What work is it from o Who said it-Kant: What is Enlightenment-Candide-Jonathan Swift: A Modest Proposal-Rousseau-Faust Read intro to lives of Byron, Keats, and Shelley and then read poems by Byron for Wednesday (pg. 743, 748, 755)...
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