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October 15, 2010 Miriam Brown-Spiers ENGL 1102M Mother/Daughter Relationships in Bastard Out of Carolina From classic novels such as Little Women and The Joy Luck Club , a high school summer reading assignment like The Secret Life of Bees , or even an entertaining read such as Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper , mother/daughter relationships have played an important role in the development of novels. It is a relationship that exists all around the world and has done so for ages, so it is natural that it would be a subject of concern for many authors. Mother/daughter relationships are important and can be impacted by thousands of outside or inside sources. These relationships can be easy or complicated, but they are always important. In Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison, another novel that focuses on a mother/daughter relationship, one of the main causes of the traumatic and complicated relationship between Anney and Bone is the reversal of the mother/daughter roles between the two characters that begins when Glen enters their lives. At the beginning of the novel, Anney is a strong maternal figure, despite her young age. Anney is only fifteen when she gives birth to Bone. At this age she is still a child herself; however, she does not act like one. She is a protective, caring mother who constantly makes her children her first priority. When Bone's birth certificate says she is an illegitimate child, Anney goes back to the courthouse year after year in an attempt to get it removed so that Bone does not have to grow up feeling the way Anney did – like trash. Anney does this because of how much she cares about Bone. When Anney is dating Glen and thinking about marriage she makes sure her girls approve of her choice, saying “'You and Reese like Glen, don't you?' Mama would say now and then in a worried voice” (Allison 33). She asks them this because she wants to put her girls first. She dates Glen for two years, making sure that he will
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essay 2 - Margaret Derby October 15, 2010 Miriam...

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