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journal 3 - she and Reese are so upset and depressed about...

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I think Bone doesn't tell the sheriff what happened to her because for so long she's been keeping it hidden and hasn't been talking about it that she can't just start talking about it right away. I think she's afraid of hurting her mother and her family. I also think she doesn't exactly know who is responsible because there are so many other people to blame. Obviously Daddy Glen is at fault since he is the one who is physically doing this to her and who raped her. Anney is also to blame though, because she turned a blind eye to the beatings and she continues to go back to Glen time after time. Even after she sees him rape her daughter she goes and takes care of him. Also, when Anney does move out on Glen,
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Unformatted text preview: she and Reese are so upset and depressed about it. Reese is always complaining and Bone thinks they both blame her for taking them away from Daddy Glen and their home. This makes Bone feel bad and so she doesn't tell the deputy because she doesn't want to hurt her family anymore. I think Bone finds herself a little responsible too, because she never spoke up about it before. For so long she's felt like she is the one who is bad and like she does things wrong and that's why Daddy Glen beats her and rapes her, but it's not actually her fault. The fault lies with Daddy Glen and Anney and the Boatwright family for the ideas of right and wrong that they have placed in Bone's head....
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