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journal 6

journal 6 - him The book tells us on page 49 “It almost...

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“Brod keeps her own life a secret from herself. Like Yankel, she repeats things until they are true, or until she can't tell whether they are true or not” (86). Brod purposefully confuses thing so that she doesn't have to know the truth, but so that she can live in a world that she creates for herself. She is surrounded by sadness and she convinces herself of her sadness and that she could never possibly love anyone or anything (pgs. 79-80). Yankel too does the same thing. This is how they deal with their lives. Yankel tells Brod stories about her mother and the way she came to be in order to protect Brod, but really he is doing it to protect himself from the sadness and hurt that comes from his true wife leaving
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Unformatted text preview: him. The book tells us on page 49, “It almost worked. He had repeated the details so many times that it was nearly impossible to distinguish them from the facts.” It is not just Yankel and Brod that do this though. The entire town takes “what could be” and turns it into what is. From the very beginning of the novel they all just believe that Trachim B.'s wagon was the one that fell into the river and that it trapped him on the bottom and he died. No one ever checked to be sure it was him. No one ever checked to be sure the baby belonged to him. The entire town just believes it to be true and they go so far as to even make a giant holiday out of it....
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