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The author of the letter is Grandfather. I was first able to tell this from the first line of the letter when he says, “If you are reading this, it is because Sasha found it and translated it for you. It means that I am dead, and that Sasha is alive,” (274). Grandfather was the only character in the novel that consistently referred to Alex as Sasha, so that is how I knew it was Grandfather. Grandfather says he is writing the letter so that we can know what kind of person Alex is, and to a degree I think that this is true. I think that Alex is in a way the main character of Everything is Illuminated , and so I think that seeing him in this light is important to the reader. I think also though that this letter is being used by
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Unformatted text preview: Grandfather to justify his actions. When we first hear that he committed suicide, we are shocked and confused. In the letter though, he says he did it because he had reached a state of complete happiness. Now that he knew his grandchildren are alright and would be alright, I guess he believed it was OK for him to die. I think that that is the reason Foer includes this voice as well. I think it's the perfect ending to the novel – getting to hear a perspective that we've never heard. Grandfather is the most complex character in the novel, and we never fully understand his history or what he is thinking, so getting to hear from his perspective finally is a great way to end the book....
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