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journal 10 - least that is what he says When he begins to...

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Franky is doing a lot of things that are worrying his aunt and uncle. First, he has basically moved in with them. The few belongings he have are all at his aunt and uncle's house, and he never returns to his small home by the University. The chapter starts with Franky mixing ashes from the fireplace into his food for breakfast. We later are told that it is to dull his senses. We also find out that Franky hasn't spoken a word in days because he has decided to “enter himself” (191) for what seems to be religious purposes. He spends all his time repeating verses and Catholic ideas and thoughts to himself over and over. The neighbor even notices that Franky has been talking to himself. These are all really weird/abnormal things for Franky to be doing. He is doing them all though in the name of God, or at
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Unformatted text preview: least that is what he says. When he begins to stalk Caridad, another strange behavior, he justifies it by saying it is the call of God. While his religions piety is very admirable, it is also a bit strange. Franky becomes obsessed with Caridad, going so far as to follow her and then stalk her lover and find out what she has been doing. It is almost as if Franky is being driven mad by what I assume is a voice inside his head – his conscience or God. When he abducts Esmeralda, that's when things are taken too far. He frightens her and in the end both Esmeralda and Caridad jump off a cliff. Franky hangs himself in the end, and it is like all the crazy behavior added up to one final crazy act in the end....
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