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DNA Fingerprinting Weblab

DNA Fingerprinting Weblab - DNA Fingerprinting Lab On the...

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DNA Fingerprinting Lab- “On the Trial of DNA” Go the following website and answer the following questions as you go through the lab. WRITE ON YOUR OWN SHEET OF PAPER!!! http://www2.edc.org/weblabs/DNAFingerprinting/DNAFingerprintingMenu.html 1. DNA is found in __________, __________, ___________, ____________, ____________, ____________. 2. How many chromosomes are in a somatic cell? 3. What percentage of DNA differs from one person to the next? 4. What are VNTRs? Do they carry genetic information? 5. What is a restriction enzyme? What is the name of the restriction enzyme used in this lab? 6. On what basis to the pieces separate during gel electrophoresis? 7. Following electrophoresis, where is the DNA transferred to? 8. What is a Southern Blot? 9. What is a DNA probe? 10.What suspect do you think is responsible for the crime? 11.How many loci does the FBI use in its profiles? 12. In the case of the kidnapped koala, which koala was the offspring of the parents? 13.In the case of the doubting dad, which puppy is not related to the father? DNA Fingerprinting Lab- “On the Trial of DNA”
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