Protein Synthesis Review Questions

Protein Synthesis Review Questions - 12. There are ______...

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Review Questions 1. What are the building blocks for nucleic acids? What are their 3 parts? 2. List 3 differences in DNA and RNA. 3. What did Watson and Crick propose? 4. Where does DNA Replication take place? 5. There are 2 enzymes involved in DNA Replication. What are they and what does each one do? 6. Where does transcription take place? 7. Transcription goes from _________ to ________ and uses the enzyme _________. 8. What is a codon? What does it code for? 9. Where does translation take place? 10. Translation goes from _____________ to ___________. 11. What is the role of tRNA during translation?
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Unformatted text preview: 12. There are ______ different amino acids. 13. There are _____ possible codons. 14. What is a mutagen? 15. What is the difference between a frameshift and point mutation? Which one is more severe? 16. Be sure you can recognize pictures of different types of chromosomal mutations. Practice Problems Write a) the complimentary DNA strand, b) the mRNA codon sequence, c) the tRNA anticodon sequence and d) the amino acid sequence for the DNA sequence listed below. 1. AGCTTTCATGACCATGAG 2. CATGAGTAGGACCCCGGC...
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Protein Synthesis Review Questions - 12. There are ______...

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