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Evolution Test Review Sheet

Evolution Test Review Sheet - selection 14 What is a...

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E E VOLUTION VOLUTION  T  T EST EST  R  R EVIEW EVIEW  S  S HEET HEET         1. How old is the Earth estimated to be? 2. What were the first forms on live on Earth? How long ago was  this? 3. How did cyanobacteria change the young Earth’s atmosphere? 4. What was the first group of eukaryotes on Earth? 5. What does the endosymbiont theory propose? 6. What is a mass extinction? How many has the Earth had? 7. What is mycorrhizae? 8. What were the first animals to invade land? 9. What were the first vertebrates on Earth? 10. What animals can survive both on land and in water? 11. Be sure you know the scientists associated with evolution and  their contributes (Look at your Evolutionary Scientist Chart!) 12. Where did Darwin conduct much of his research? 13. What is natural selection? What are the 4 principles of natural 
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Unformatted text preview: selection? 14. What is a homologous structure? Give an example. 15. What is an analogous structure? Give an example. 16. Briefly describe the three types of natural selection. 17. What is a fossil? 18. What is a gene pool? What is gene flow? 19. Is a population in genetic equilibrium evolving? What are some mechanisms that disrupt a population’s genetic equilibrium? 20. What is speciation? Describe the 4 causes for speciation. 21. What is the difference between gradualism and punctuated equilibrium? 22. What is divergent evolution? Give an example. 23. What is convergent evolution? What causes convergent evolution? 24. List and example the 5 types of evidence for evolution. 25. What is the difference between intrasexual and intersexual selection?...
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Evolution Test Review Sheet - selection 14 What is a...

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