Mendel & Heredity HW Questions

Mendel & Heredity HW Questions - Did the trait for...

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Name ________________________________________ Date ________ Period ___ Mendel and Heredity Study Questions Use Section 6-3 and 6-4 in your textbook to help you answer the questions 1. Define the following terms: Traits : Genetics : 2. The groundwork for much of our understanding of genetics was laid out by _________________________________________________. 3. What did Mendel use for his experiments? Why? 4. What does it mean if a plant self-pollinates? How did Mendel prevent the plants from self-pollinating? 5. What is a purebred? 6. What happened when Mendel crosses a purebred purple flower pea plant with a purebred white flower pea plant?
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Unformatted text preview: Did the trait for white-flowers just disappear? Explain. 7. Define the following terms: Gene: Allele: 8. ________________ is when the alleles are identical to each other, and _________________is when the alleles are different from each other. 9.Define the following terms: Genome: Genotype: Phenotype : 10. What is the difference between a dominant and recessive allele? 11. True or False: A dominant allele is better and stronger than a recessive allele. 12. Alleles are often represented using letters. Uppercase letters are used for __________________ alleles, and lowercase letters are used for ___________________ alleles....
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Mendel & Heredity HW Questions - Did the trait for...

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