Globalization - Sharon Frieson February 28, 2011 English...

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Sharon Frieson February 28, 2011 English 542 Dr. Christopher White Turn of the Screw Short Essay Turn of the Screw by Henry James was a controversial read. This novella was based upon the living situations of a servant. It was not declared whether the maid was mentally disabled or ultimately sensitive to the existence of a spiritual world. Within this story, James discreetly, placed the servant at the mercy of the readers interpretation regardless of how he interpreted her himself. He does not impose his beliefs of what she represents on his audience. The conclusion of the novel was then left in the hands of its reader and how they may interpret the relationship among the servant, the children and the apparitions. James has a literary ability to captivate his audience. With this novella he’s manipulated his writings to expand the imagination into the existence of being vividly present. After reading, The Turn of the Screw, it became clear to me that he was very well in tune with what he wrote. James wanted to write a story that would cause intellectual inquisitiveness among the death of the child. How mentally disturbed may a woman be to kill a child? He’s been noted for saying his purpose for writing this piece in his format was to give the readers control as to what they wish to believe. With great effort he’s granted this imaginative perspective. Our ability as an audience to decipher whether the apparitions were real or fake was his
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Globalization - Sharon Frieson February 28, 2011 English...

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