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military - leader

military - leader - latter type and seem to be rare and...

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General George S. Patton - Was a US Army Officer during World War II - Graduated from the Virginia Military Institute and West Point – immediate respect – Graduated 17 th in his class - He lead by example and told people to do things not how to do them. o This is through o strong salutes o Cleanly dressed o On time o He demanded respect in this way and never gave suggestions but orders and was confident in his own abilities, which made his soldiers confident in him – “When in doubt, attack.” o Always commanded in a standing position, as opposed to sitting down, because it demands respect - He set the example even when you think no one is watching - Very well liked by his troops and gained their respect through his own examples and the way in which he told his troops what to do and not how to do it - There are apparently two types of successful soldiers. Those who get on by being unobtrusive and those who get on by being obtrusive. I am of the
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Unformatted text preview: latter type and seem to be rare and unpopular: but it is my method. One has to choose a system and stick to it people who are not themselves are nobody. ”-He told people the truth about things o He slapped a hospitalized soldier in the face because he thought he was being a coward o He held everyone accountable of themselves and told them so if they were out of line o He expected results from every one of his soldiers o Set the bar high and expected nothing but the best -His Leadership was so successful because of his: o Perfection of detail o Personal supervision o Thorough and detailed knowledge of the business at hand o A strong physical leadership presence o The ability to set a personal example o The ability to communicate-explain-orders o The commitment to ensure that orders are correctly executed...
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