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HW 8 solutions - 5-15 Presentstate am A B C D E F ‘IJIMII...

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Unformatted text preview: 5-15. Presentstate am A B C D E F ‘IJIMII X:o )C—r m 1‘ A, 000 ixvm xix Doomlon no Pr Ow goo OOI I: OH \10 0“ {5.00 om I10 P :0! OH IOI C III) 910 ‘0‘ III 747”“ ”(y SHEAR), 5-25. H Om‘t’WC'r/C 8 Stu/when! Furodmgi Next Shale 0(1‘91) For lnwt Output X x 0 X3: 1 2 B D 0 D C 0 A F 0 F C 1 C E 1 Un used Slates: 0(1). I I I The state assngnment E F 1 could he difi‘a‘em. Eg sIaIt-s A. B or C could be Om and states D. Ear F could be I I I, Present state InpuI Next state A X Y A Z {J I) I) I} 0 0 I) I [I 0 (I I I) I I (I I l 0 I l I) 0 I O I I) I U 0 I I I) I (I I | I [I (J ...
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