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q3_sol - Physics 133 9:30 section Autut'nn 2010 Name...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 133, 9:30 section, Autut'nn 2010 Name Recitation lnstmctoricircle one): _ Albeit Dainton Patton Schmidt Smith Zizka QUIZ #3 October 21, 2009 2'5 points, 18 minutes SCORE c = 3. 00 x 108 11115 n; sine; = 111 sinB; sineE = nzlnl Problem I (9 points). A ray of light travels through three media as shown Rank the three indices of refi’action, n1, n;, and 113 float smallest to largest. “r “i9’“&. -‘-‘ Haflhtgi a’fi -:>n|(“e. 9, <9, ., v1.>n. -:>(VI,>V|,>V\. I 096', .. mm, Problem 2 (4 points). At some point in time and space in a beam of light, the electric field is pointing into the page and the B field is point to the right. What is the direction of propagation? (Indicate your answer eithe: by adding an arrow to the figure or in words.) ‘5 Joint"; no mire-'9 é“ g ®—»B Problem 3 (12 points). A point source of light is 2. 20 m below the surface of a pool containing a liquid with nhquid= 1.83. Some of the light will leave the pool and enter the air and some will be reflected at the surface. Find the diameter of the circle at the surface through which the light emerges from the pool into air. diameter of circle containing 0:” tho-vats MHI "he vp {“11th “f timemys (lulu; “KL! “3": M, “an; A: 4.5.4:; 9. cl=2r. => 0/ #-:[email protected]“= ,2{:.:o.)4w 34::9' .! g'grfml ' ...
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