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Physics 133, 9:30 section, Autumn Z0l0 Recitation Instructor (circle one): Albert Dainton QUrZ #8 December 2.2010 h= 6.63 x lO-ra J s= 4.14 x l0-r5 eV s c = 3.00 x 108 m/s m"=9.llxl0-3rkg e = 1.60 x l0-re C hf-<D=K,* AxAp*> ft t^; NL = r l) (2) t15 pointsl A beam of electrons passes through a double-srit with a srit spacing or tiodn, and forms an interference pattern on a screen 1.5 ln awa)r. The spacing between int". .f"r.nJ. ,.ffirffii "y Whatistheenergyofthe.l".t,on,@,gy,t,o,t.ru"-inunit,ofeV.Thee|ectron'uy5-ffio non-relarivisticalty.) / s paelnq brfwecrt- unhl l"lny anl if"s ttrrl neiXh ho r i: nYvcrt Uy m = I J sin6 = r.n^ r = d S+ - (roo.to-r6@.D,ttir*.\ _ 6.67.1[or=e,67p , 'A-;T
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Unformatted text preview: l'Swt A J K= S.45, (0-', Rattq tuiz\! ' *&quot;,. Q-9'30- J&quot;{ey Panon Schmidt Smith zizka 25 pointso 18 minutes fi= 1.05 x l0-3a J s = 6.5g x l0-16 eV s hc = 1240 eV nm m &quot; c 2 = 5 l I k e V (l) u0 pointsl Light illuminates a metal surface with a :.+ Ty workfunction. Electrons are observed ;:Tji:ff,fil&quot;l&quot;'il?:&quot;^Iji'+s pr&quot; 7-0. ip:@hat is the *&quot;&quot;&quot;r&quot;&quot;e,r, orthe risht? (rhe answer shourd be in units of nm.%u mayi;&quot;uT*ffi-.@ 6;1&quot;fi&quot;#:;i;:;*&quot;'&quot;' r's '!rsnrr ( r ne K,nr: l^,vi* = t(qtt.tl-'iIJX7.0.t0'v; z /.23.tl-&quot;J @ 2.73' tf'tJ &quot; #,,, = l&quot;31u,y Ey\,hn : g- + k*n, - j,leV + l.3le{ = Ll ,71eV X: l7f 0 ev'nkl 260 nm tl.7l eV F=T (6,e 3, lo'&quot;J,J, = rufl 7Ll oooV...
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