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WolvesLab011911 Faizan Ahmed D03210808 - Conflict...

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Conflict Yellowstone Wolves Lab Faizan Ahmed D# 0808 SCI 204 Q Note: each student should work on this assignment as an individual! Answer all questions. Answers must be complete! Step 1 Investigate Wolf Behavior Go to The Boomerwolf Website http://www.boomerwolf.com/ Click on Learn all About Wolves Click on The Wolf Pack – explore the wonderful life of the wolf family Read through. Read through The Expert Interview with The Wolf People (TheWolfPeople.doc) Answer: 1. How is family life of the wolf similar to that of a human? Be complete! (20 points) The family life of the wolf is similar to a human’s because the stay together with those they are related to, they are very social and work together to survive. Survival not only means food and shelter but also learning from others and traveling with the pack.
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Return to previous page http://www.boomerwolf.com/wolfwrld.htm Click on Wolves Are Very Old - Check out where these dudes came from 2. Discuss the possible evolution of the Gray Wolf. Include mention of the Gray Wolf’s relationship to the modern domestic dog. (10 points) The Gray Wolves had started out around 60 million years ago and were much smaller. In the area in which they lived allowed them to grow larger and develop techniques and tools for hunting to be the predators that they are. The Gray Wolf is pretty much similar to a domestic
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WolvesLab011911 Faizan Ahmed D03210808 - Conflict...

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