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PopulationInternetLab012711 Faizan Ahmed D03210808

PopulationInternetLab012711 Faizan Ahmed D03210808 - Week 4...

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Week 4: Lab 2: Population Internet lab (250 => 25 points total) Directions: Please turn in all work typed. Name: Faizan Ahmed D# 0808 Sci 204 and Section Q Go to http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE57T0HK20090830 Summarize this issue. ( 20 points) Considering that Yemen has a relatively unstable government and is a source country for elements of radical Islam (Some 911 Hijackers called Yemen their homeland) does this change the severity of this issue. Defend your position. Be complete. ( 10 points ) The fact that the 911 hijackers claimed Yemen to be their homeland does not affect their unstable government. The population is already too large for their environment to support because of shortages in resources. The government has not attempted to control the population growth. Soon enough the population will double which will cause an even bigger problem in the near future.
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G0 to http://www.peopleandplanet.net/ Under Latest News Scroll down to Asia's tigers could triple to over 10,000 Click on Read More 1. What is connectivity? (5 points) 2. How is connectivity expected to assist tiger productivity (10 points) 3. How does lack of connectivity complicate efforts to increase tiger numbers in the wild? (5 points) Connectivity is the collaboration of efforts to keep the corridors of the forest available between the conservation grounds and other parts of the tiger habitat so they are free to move from one area to another.
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PopulationInternetLab012711 Faizan Ahmed D03210808 - Week 4...

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