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Faizan Ahmed D# 0808 SCI 204 Q Biodiversity Biodiversity is about the total amount of species in a region. It tells us about the species richness, evenness and dominance. The species richness is simply the number of the kinds of species in the region. The species evenness is the amount of a certain species compared to the total number of all species. Species dominance is about which species has the highest number compared to other species. In figure A the elephants are the most dominant species; the evenness is 82% while the other species (the wild dogs, hippos, gorillas, impalas, oryx, rhinos, lions, hyenas, and giraffes) is 2% for all. In figure B no animal is dominant because the evenness is 10% for all. The decided to pick figure B over figure A because the species population has more evenness. In
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Unformatted text preview: figure A the elephants are more dominant in numbers compared to any other animal. In figure B, the species evenness between all the animals is equal; no animal is more dominant than the other. Both figure A and B have the exact same species richness with a total of 10 species each. I believe that since there is evenness in figure B there will be lesser likelihood of overgrazing by the elephant. And if overgrazing were to occur than the elephants will die out quicker. In figure B since there isn’t too many elephant overgrazing will not happen and the amount of elephants will stay the same and birth/death ratio will fluctuate....
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