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ChicagoRiverLab020911 Faizan Ahmed D03210808 - Chicago...

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Chicago River Internet Lab 250 => 25points Faizan Ahmed ID # 0808 SCI 204 Section Q Go to : Click on The Chicago River: A Meandering Prairie stream 1. Describe the Chicago River as it must have appeared to the area’s original inhabitants and early explorers. 10 points The Chicago River would have appeared to the original inhabitants as a normal river with hills of mud to one side, a prairie to the west, the beach and dunes to the east and wetlands opposite to the hills of mud. The river might have seemed like a great route for trading and traveling. Now all you can see is the downtown Chicago, people walking across the bridges over the river, boatrides for people who want to tour the Chicago River, and of course Navy Pier. Click on The Original Chicago River 2. What body of water was between the beginning of the South Branch of the Chicago river and the Des Plaines River? 5 points The Mud Lake 3. What is a portage 5 points Carrying goods over land between two rivers. and of what significance was this particular portage? 10 points It allowed Native Americans to carry their canoes and goods over lands when the Mud Lake had flooded the river banks.
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Click on Nature’s Mosaic View Ecosystem map from the Morton Arboretum 4. Describe the original ecosystem of our area. 15 points The original ecosystem had forests, prairies, and wetlands. The forests were located on the east side of the river and the prairie was located to the west of the river. There was a huge amount of vegetation and a lot of wildlife. Click on A Land for Many People
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ChicagoRiverLab020911 Faizan Ahmed D03210808 - Chicago...

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