Final Draft - Faizan Ahmed Prof Hart English 135 Automating...

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Unformatted text preview: Faizan Ahmed 10/09/10 Prof. Hart English 135 Automating the Workplace I. Introduction Automation is the future for every company. With automation a company can be more successful than if they had used people instead of machines. Automating a company can increase productivity which means they can meet the demands of the consumers a lot faster. Since the machines will be doing most of the work, it’ll only require highly qualified employees to watch and maintain the machines. Not only will the industrial workplace be automated, such as factories, but also other places like pharmaceutical companies, accounting, etc. Almost anything can be automated but it must not be forgotten that this country was built upon elbow grease but now it’s just grease to keep machines running. II. Productivity Productivity will be increased with automation which means demands can be met faster. The main goal of a company is to meet demands as quickly and efficiently as possible. Machines can do the work without tiring out, becoming lazy or taking days off. It can work all day and all night, even on holidays. Though it may cost a lot more to buy and install these machines in the long run it can pay off. There is a case study on Volvo Skovdeverken in Sweden, which is an automotive factory that produces gasoline and diesel engines. In 1973 they decided to build the E-factory, and automated factory that had a planned annual production of 275,000 gasoline engines. After a year and a half in production the budgets are well met and it is also satisfactory engines....
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Final Draft - Faizan Ahmed Prof Hart English 135 Automating...

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