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MATH 221 WEEK 2 AGENDA AND NOTES SU 10 Next week we will begin meeting in Room 217 SAC Review the Module 2 Sample Exercises and Requirements The Modules have practice exercises and a Mastery Quiz ( which is graded ) These Mastery Quizzes count towards our final grade and are timed to be completed within a certain time frame. Also only so many attempts can be made by we students. Last date Mastery Test may be taken: 9/15/2010 ( Wednesday ) Week 2: Correlation and Regression (Sep 5 - Sep 12) Correlation => attempting to describe a relationship between two variables Is there a correlation between height and knowledge? Is there a correlation between baseball fans and studious individuals? Regression => examining the data and constructing an equation ( model ) that Best fits the data. The correlation coefficient is a gauge or measure ( similar to a temperature measure ) that indicates the degree of correlation. Live Demo ( Using the MS Excel LINEST() function )
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