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ANT 154B Course notes- Lecture _9

2 years if the sum of age of first infant at

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Unformatted text preview: cf. 2 years if the sum of ‘Age Of First Infant At Infanticide’, ‘Waiting 3. F’s next birth: 10 where IBIReduction equals infant lives Time To Conception’ and ‘Gestation Time’. The grey area represents this reduction in IBIfull (‘IBI Reduction’) beforeHence M increases RS (though 75% FFdirectly mate other MM) 4. because of the infanticide. IBIReduction/IBIfull is also proportional to a male’s genetic payoff for committing infanticide. Gestation periods are the same in the two scenarios, while the waiting time to conception may differ between scenarios. Logic of the sexual selection hypothesis animals with seasonal reproduction; Alternative hypotheses: adaptive relatedness later), so his estimated genetic however, the sexual selection hypothesis payoff would be his estimation of his own covered by this model high well-supported paternity probability, P(p0), weighted by the Population regulation:seems density --> group benefits. in many taxa (van Schaik 2000b; Ebensperger & payoff for having an offs...
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