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ANT 154B Course notes- Lecture _9

Ainfant reproductive marshall p j the infanticidal

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Unformatted text preview: end without probability (p )defending males and females can be. As to the under the threat of infanticide in close proximity e of the infant to the male, Valj, by proportion of time 8 adequate protection. Ainfant, reproductive Marshall p j (the infanticidal male’s the Boyko & success page the iplying pj by the probability the infant is P(INFANTICIDALkj) depends on k male is with increases nearly linearly withmale k thepaternityinfant j) and increasing infant and the how successful killed, which is the joint probability that j probability the threatfathered without probability (p )defending males then females can be. As under of infanticide value of the infant to the male, Valj, by and probability at low paternityis a zero-sum game, pj may be ale kills it and it does not die from paternity probability but j) depends on adequate protection. A male’s reproductive successp j (the multiplying pj by the probability the infant is P(INFANTICIDALk males become k inisic mortality, !. This yields the probability...
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