ANT 154B Course notes- Lecture _9

As in a the shaded zone represents wing equation

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Unformatted text preview: that sharply decreases as other at a with increasing paternity While it is increases nearly linearly value below one. infant j) and not killed, which is the joint optimized probability male k fathered infanticidal. As in (a), the shaded zone represents wing equation, given the terms defined infrom probability at lowthat in is a zero-sum game, pj could be then no male kills it and it does not die possible paternity some groups males may be paternity probability but the the area of positive net reproductive value and e 2: sharply decreases as other males become extrinisic mortality, !. This yields the optimized at value below one. perceived confused such thatathe sum of their While it is infanticidal. As in (a), the shaded zone represents following equation, given the terms defined in arrow indicates the point at which the reproductive paternities is reproductive value and natural value is maximized. positive net greater than one,the males could be the area of possible that in some groups...
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