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ANT 154B Course notes- Lecture _9

The conditions under which a male would increase his

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Unformatted text preview: ing focal male’s paternity probability (the probability of having Figure 2. The conditions under which a male would increase his fitness by committing fathered infant j), we find the fitness value of the infant to the male, infanticide under the sexual selection hypothesis. The ‘ideal line’ represents the case Valj, by multiplying pj by the probability that the infant is not killed, where a male’s estimated paternity in one infant (the ‘current infant’) is equal to his expected paternity in the next infant that a female would conceive if the male were to which is the joint probability that no male kills the infant and it kill the current infant. Above this line, the male’s probability of siring the female’s next does not die from extrinisic mortality, m. This yields the following offspring, E(pi), is lower than the probability of his having sired her current infant, p0Boyko & Marshall 2009 equation, given the terms defined in Table 2: 1 (upper left area). In this area, infanticide would never be adaptive. Below the ideal line, i...
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