ANT 154B Course notes- Lecture _9

ANT 154B Course notes Lecture_9

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Unformatted text preview: tion, competition for breeding opportunity 2. female display of power: e.g. chimpanzee Resource competition 3. male reduction of rival power: e.g. chimpanzee inter-community Resource competition? 4. male chimpanzee within communities generally considered to be puzzling (pathology? memory of failure to mate??) When should males commit infanticide? When should males commit infanticide? R.H. Boyko, A.J. Marshall / Animal Behaviour 77 (2009) 1397–1407 1401 infanticide (e.g. Hrdy 1979). It is also generally assumed that males should always seek to maximize their paternity certainty. Little attention has been paid to the potential adaptive benefit ‘Ideal line’ that promiscuous mating may provide to males, despite the fact Safe zone Probability 0.8 that half the genes in each infant protected by paternity Safe zone confusion come from a male. While a number of researchers of (never commit Never commit infanticide have noted that some male mammals choose to protect their offspring via their physical presence or territorial behaviours 0.6 having (even when this causes them t...
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