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Possibly leading to greater than one natural

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Unformatted text preview: Table 2: confused such that the against arrow indicates the point at which the reproductive their perceived selection likely would selectsum of this, (5) paternities is a three-way evolutionary value is maximized. possibly leading to greater than one, natural selection likely would select against this, arm’s race between the alpha male, lowerpossibly leading to a three-way evolutionary ranking males and the female. This arm’s race between the alpha male, lowersupposition could be testedfemale. This ranking males and the with explicit game theoretic models. could be tested with explicit game supposition P(INFANTICIDALkj) is essentially the theoretic models. The implications of equation (5) are ability that inequality (3a) willkj) is true for the P(INFANTICIDAL be essentially presented inThe implications of at birth of each Fig. 3. The value equation (5) are probability that inequality (3a) is her within-group male when the infantwill be true for presented linearly The value at birth of Probability infant increases in Fig. 3. with the paternity each another infanti...
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