ANT 154B Course notes- Lecture _9

See table a form of sexual selection hypothesis

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Unformatted text preview: pring, in this case 1 Blumstein 2007). (see Table (a form of sexual selection hypothesis) Female more likely to mate with male in more distant future1 for a definition of terms). Thus, at the end of one IBIfull, in the absence of In the absence of infanticide, after one infanticide, the male’s estimated payoff is inter-birth interval (IBI), Resource competition a male obtains a merely his (presumably subconscious) genetic ‘payoff’ proportional to the expected Boyko estimation of his paternity probability in the & Marshall proportion of Infants as foodhis genes in the offspring born first offspring (plus some discounted value at the start of that IBI. Hereafter, we use the based on his paternity probability of the term IBIfull to refer to the potential full IBI the newborn second offspring, but as gestation of female would experience if her offspring the second offspring occurs within the IBIfull survived, while we use IBIactual to refer to the whether or not there is infanticide, this actual inter-birth i...
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