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Anthropology 154B: Primate Evolutionary Ecology Sections 7-8: Conservation Debate Introduction: The field of conservation is all about making choices. How should conservation funds be spent? What species should be conserved? Should we focus conservation efforts on areas with high levels of biodiversity or high levels of ecosystem services? Should we focus conservation on areas that are highly threatened or most protected? Should we save lots of rare species or a few common species? The goal of the next two labs is for you to think critically about one of the main conservation questions: Where should we focus conservation efforts? Activity: In week 7, the class will be divided up into three groups. Each group will advocate a different kind of conservation strategy: hotspots, cold spots, or wilderness areas. The group will read the article that corresponds to their area (all articles are located in the Conservation Debate folder on Smartsite) and prepare a presentation/debate for week 8. Hotspots:
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