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ANT 154b writing assignment - ANTHROPOLOGY 154B, WINTER...

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ANTHROPOLOGY 154B, WINTER QUARTER 2011 Writing Assignment Information One of the fundamental skills scientists need to develop is the ability to write successful grants. Most of the money for actually doing science comes from grants, and it pays for everything from graduate students to field sites to open access publication of your results. It is a good skill to have, and the kind of writing you'll need to do to write a good grant application is broadly applicable. For your assignment, you will be writing a 10- to 15-page grant application. Brain storming/ Picking a topic One of the goals of this assignment is to find out more information about a topic that interests you. You will want to pick a topic that relates to primate evolutionary ecology. Use the class syllabus and assigned readings as a framework for the types of topics that would be appropriate. Once you have picked a topic, think of a specific component of that topic that is both interesting and testable. Think back to our activity from the first day of discussion. From your topic, can you form a research question? Can you think of different hypotheses to answer your question? Can those hypotheses form testable predictions? If the answer is no to any of these questions, your topic is probably not appropriate for this assignment. Also, remember the scope of your project. We would like you to design a project that can be tested in a period ranging from six months to a year. “How did primates arrive in the New World?” is a very interesting question, but would be very hard to test in six months. In the process of picking a question, think about what species of primate would be appropriate for your experiment. If you would like to test the folivore paradox, choosing a tarsier (an insectivorous primate) or a capuchin (an omnivorous primate) would not be a good idea. For those of you not familiar with different primate species, Noel Rowe’s The Pictorial Guide to the Living Primates is a good source for general information (distributions, diet, social behaviors) about different primate species (I will have a copy in my office, and there is also a copy at the library). You will need to approve your topic with me. You will have to write and turn in an abstract (see abstract section); however, please email me or visit me at office hours if you have questions regarding your research topic. Abstract
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ANT 154b writing assignment - ANTHROPOLOGY 154B, WINTER...

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