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Thakor 1 Prasanti Thakor Stuart Ostrow Theatre 30 April 2010 From Ancient Theater to Modern Day Bollywood Theater Theater is a sort of dramatic performance as a branch of art. Even though Bollywood maybe a modern form of theater, it all began with ancient theater. For instance, Greek theater was a type of ancient theater that set many of the basic principles for theater today. Even after the fall of Greek Theater, Roman Theater also contributed many ideas related to theater today. It was believed by many people that after the fall of Roman Theater, theater had died. Nevertheless some people still kept certain aspects of theater alive during the medieval times through many different ways. During the ancient times there was also the time of Renaissance and Reformation which was considered to be the “rebirth” of Greek and Roman Theater. Then came about the Elizabethan Theater and Shakespearian period in which Shakespeare overpowered the Elizabethan theater plays. During the time of the republic period there was very little theater and plays because of the theater closings in England. Yet the restoration period bought back theater, through French theater. French theater mainly focused on the mechanics of scenery and spectacle. These forms of theater led to the development of modern theater of the 18 th , 19 th and 20 th century. The modern theater focused more on the emphasis on natural forms of acting. These plays were slowly, but surely beginning to be commercialized along with technology, and now available to merchants,
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Thakor 2 industrialists and the masses. Theater has gone from a simple ritual to a broad spectrum of entertainment and life lessons. An example of Modern theater is known as Hollywood, even though there are many other forms of theater this particular type is very well known around the world. On the other hand Bollywood Theater, a form of Indian theater and drama has developed through the years. Theater has been around since the time of ancient Greeks at the time of BC. In the days of early people theater was a ritual that played a role in the development of drama. When theater was first introduced it wasn’t exactly referred to as theater, it was known as a certain type of a ritual. In ancient societies this ritual was used in order to embody their understanding of the human condition and of the world around them. The ritual had an instructive purpose such as teaching, and in some cases it had a religious purpose showing the correct pathway of life to many of a specific religions or casts. Yet, in some cases it was also a form of entertainment or celebration. Whatever form it maybe it was important to many. Some of the many common elements that were found in these rituals where music, dance and elaborate movement, mask and costume expressed emotion of sadness or happiness. These plays were performed in the day time because they did not use electric lights. Only men acted in this time period and these actors wore masks, which some say helped show characters through exaggerated features and amplified the
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Bollywood Theater 2 - Thakor 1 Prasanti Thakor Stuart...

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