AbEx - Europeans (e.g., Willem de Kooning, Hans Hofmann,...

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1 Abstract Expressionism Key Terms: Expressionism Abstract Expressionism autographic gesture existentialism all-over composition Venice Biennale USIA Marshall Plan Artists: Jackson Pollock Hans Hofmann Arshile Gorky Robert Motherwell Willem de Kooning Mark Rothko Critics: Clement Greenberg Harold Rosenberg How is abstract expressionism in the U.S. different from abstraction and expressionism as it was practiced elsewhere? Wassily Kandinsky, Study for Composition II , 1910 Robert Delaunay, Eiffel Tower , 1910-11 Jackson Pollock, Cathedral , 1947 Hans Hofmann, Effervescence , 1944
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2 AbEx painters shared a common background and aesthetic philosophy…. Nina Leen, Life Magazine, “The Irascibles,” 1951 There are a couple of confusing things, though, about AbEx: 1. Many of the AbEx group were not Americans but displaced
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Unformatted text preview: Europeans (e.g., Willem de Kooning, Hans Hofmann, and Arshile Gorky); 2. The term “abstract expressionism” is applied to such a multiplicity of approaches and techniques as to stretch the limits of a unified style. Arshile Gorky, Agony , 1947 Robert Motherwell, The Homely Protestant , 1948 Willem de Kooning, Untitled , 1948-9 Willem de Kooning, Woman I , 1950-2 How then did abstract expressionism become the quintessential “American-type” painting after the war? 3 What characteristics of AbEx did these articles, reviews, photographs, exhibitions, and political broadsides emphasize? Mark Rothko, Number3/No. 13 , 1949 Robert Motherwell, At Five in the Afternoon , 1949...
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AbEx - Europeans (e.g., Willem de Kooning, Hans Hofmann,...

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