TabethaBynum_unit 10_CS113-11_writing assignment

TabethaBynum_unit 10_CS113-11_writing assignment - The...

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The topics that I have learned in this course have made me a stronger person as well as a student. Some of the key concepts that I learned while taking this course will make me a better candidate to enter the business world. This course gave me a different outlook on life in general. Moreover, in my opinion the skill derived from taking this course will help me throughout my growth as a student and professional. The tools I learned will help me become a better person in general. One of the topics that I learned was how to manage my time. Another useful topic was the one on time and stress management. In the business world things can get stressful the tools that I learned on managing my time will help me be able to manage my stress. With a successful plan, I can accomplish my goals with less stress. Being able to manage my time and stress can help me in all areas of life and my life as a student. Making a schedule for the weekly activities I carry out will help me accomplish my
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This note was uploaded on 04/05/2011 for the course CS 113 taught by Professor Hewitt during the Spring '09 term at Kaplan University.

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TabethaBynum_unit 10_CS113-11_writing assignment - The...

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