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Phase1 - and TLC There has been a change in the musical...

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ShaTasha Harris October 26, 2009 AFAM 2000 Dr. Lee Phase 1 Evolution of the Black Female Rapper A. I know that female rappers are scarce in hip-hop and it's difficult for them to get onto  the scene. I also know they usually do not last long in the music industry but I do not  know why. I know the usual stereotypes that come along with these women and our  usual depictions of them. B. I selected this topic because lately, the few female rappers that were widely known  have been getting into trouble and we are not hearing much if any from any female  rappers anymore. I also noticed that the little music we hear from people like Nicki Minaj  and Trina is not the same that we used to hear from people like MC Lite, Queen Latifah, 
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Unformatted text preview: and TLC. There has been a change in the musical lyrics and the physical display of females in the rap game. C. I would like to know why has the physical image and lyrics changed of the female rapper overtime. I would also like to know why is it so hard for females to get in and stay in the rap industry. I want to learn the contributions females have made in rap and are they treated equally to men in this industry. Are there certain standards and rules that come along with this industry and how it affects their lives, and what do we as individuals take from these females' music and videos? Taking all this into consideration, I would like to look at how it has all evolved overtime....
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