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Unformatted text preview: Telecom 3010 Telecom 8 February 2010 This just in… This Tim Tebow SuperBowl $2.5 million Ad Tim • American Teens Texting • 105 texts/day American teenagers send an average of 10 text messages per hour they are not in school or sleeping, according to research by The Nielsen according Company. Company. American Teens Texting • Average cost per text message is about 1 cent. Average Online Services Not Posing Huge Threat to Pay TV Online • Less than 8 percent of U.S. broadband homes (~5.5 million) considering canceling pay-TV subscriptions in favor of online video. • This despite the proliferation of available content online. • A 2008 study reported 11 percent of U.S. broadband households 2008 were considering canceling pay-TV services, and in a 2009 survey the number was 10 percent. • The households likely to switch or cancel their services are high consumers of online video, watching ten hours per week. • Also interested in TV Everywhere services that can provide online access to pay-TV channels. •Source: ource: Iphone, Sling Media and TV Iphone, • Apple iPhone users now Apple able to use an optimized version of Sling Media's mobile video player to watch TV on AT&T's 3G on network. • AT&T initially banned the AT&T application, citing potential bandwidth congestion. • Source: Multichannel News (2/4) (2/4) Iphone, Sling Media and TV Iphone, • Sling charges $29.99 for Sling its SlingPlayer Mobile application. • To use the application at To home, consumers will have to have one of the company's SlingBoxes SlingBoxes attached to a set-top box or DVR. • Source: Multichannel News (2/4) (2/4) HDTV Penetration HDTV • 46 percent of U.S. households have at least one HDTV 46 • 61 percent for those with annual household incomes over $75,000 • median purchase price for those buying an HDTV has median dropped 22 percent from the same period last year. Source: Source: Super Bowl Super • Super Bowl viewing is three to four times larger than any Super other sporting event. • At nearly 100 million viewers (98.7 Million for 2009) At • That is more than three times the next That highest sporting event • BCS championship game between Alabama and Texas BCS (30,776,000) beat out NFL regular season game carried on Fox between the Vikings and the Packers which had 29,820,000 viewers. • Nielsen says sports programming is “dvr-proof” Nielsen Top Sports Web Sites (Nielsen) Top Source: CBS Sports Coverage of Super Bowl XLIV Super Scores Highest Rating In 23 Years Scores • Avg. overnight household rating/share of 46.4/68, Avg. • Highest-rated Super Bowl in the metered markets Highest-rated in 23 years • CBS Sports’ coverage of Super Bowl XXI – Phil SimmsCBS led New York Giants’ win over Denver 1/25/87; 47.8/68 The Super Bowl XLIV rating/share The Jay Leno Appears in Promotion For CBS Late Show Late Cable Television Revenues Cable Residential video revenues Residential Are leveling off. What does this mean for cable? Qube Interactive Television (1977-1983) Qube • Warner-Amex used Qube to win cable franchises Warner-Amex • Cities granted “franchises” to cablecos to allow Cities them to operate within the municipality • Cablecos needed permission to cross Cablecos municipality’s streets for installation municipality’s • Qube was available in Columbus, Ohio first Qube Qube Interactive Television (1977-1983) Qube Qube Interactive Television (1977-1983) Qube Phil Donahue and Qube Polling Phil Qube Qube Talent Search Qube Lessons From Qube Lessons • Pinwheel grew into a new cable channel, Pinwheel Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon • Sight on Sound evolved into Music Television, MTV. MTV Twitter Usage Still Growing Twitter • December 2009 was the first month Twitter processed more than one billion tweets (with 1.036 billion tweets). • January 2010 had 16 times as many tweets as January 2009. • The activity on Twitter has doubled since August 2009. • January 2010 saw more tweets per day (39.5 million) than the whole of September 2008. Google Buzz Google SuperBowl XLIV Ratings SuperBowl • About 106.5 million tuned into Super Bowl XLIV, making it the most watched TV program in the United States ever in • Topped the series finale of sitcom "MASH,“ which drew 106 million viewers in 1983, according to Nielsen. • 5th straight year that the audience for the Super Bowl has increased Top TiVo’d Superbowl Ads TiVo’d TiVo Highlights: TiVo The top ten rated commercials of this year’s game were: 1. Doritos “House Rules” 2. Snickers “You're Not You When You're Hungry” 3. Focus on the Family “The Tebows Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life” 4. Doritos “Underdog” 5. 2010 Intel Core Processors “Jeoffrey the Robot Gets Hurt” 6. E*Trade Financial “Baby Love Triangle” 7. Bud Light “Observatory” 8. CareerBuilder “Casual Fridays” 9. TruTV's NFL Full Contact “Punxsutawney Polamalu” 10. Hyundai Sonata “Brett Favre MVP and Still Playing at 50” Source: • SuperBowl XLIV Ratings SuperBowl • Another record: 47 minutes and 50 seconds of commercials, • Advertisers paid between $2.5 million and $2.7 million for a commercial although some advertisers may have paid as much as $3 million to get into the game. • Fox has the game next year, will likely use this year's huge ratings to try to push the cost per 30-second spot well over the $3-million mark. SuperBowl XLIV Ratings SuperBowl • Super Bowl provided a strong lead-in for CBS' new reality show "Undercover Boss“ which drew 38.6 million viewers. • That is also a record for a new show's premiere That after the Super Bowl. after TiVo TiVo • DVR Users Wait to Watch Prime-Time Shows DVR • TiVo: 9 PM: 59 percent prefer to record rather than TiVo: watch live. • 8 PM is second with 58 percent PM • 10 PM is at 53 percent • 30 percent of TiVo users watch a show 30 they have recorded within an hour of airing they • Many TiVo users recorded Leno and watched at 10 PM Many which hurt local 11 PM newscasts which Nielsen vs. TiVo Nielsen New York Times New DVR, Once TV’s Mortal Foe, Helps Ratings. Nielsen says DVR, that 46% of DVR owners watch commercials during playback. watch That is in contrast with TiVo’s recent research That recent which states that 84% of commercials aren’t watched. And… And… “As we see every month, there is little correlation As between the top rated programs and top viewed commercials” commercials” • Chapter 4 Chapter • What is the difference between narrowcast What and broadcast? and • What are local origination, public access, and What leased access? • What did we learn from Qube? What Chapter 4 Chapter • What were the causes of the cable TV “gold rush” What of the 1980s? • What is a cable franchise and by what authority do What municipalities get into negotiations about them? • What are PEG access channels? What • Why were MSOs in a better position than “mom Why and pop” operators to win franchise agreements? Chapter 4 Chapter • What are TVRO “backyard” dishes? What • Why was DBS slow to take off? Why Beta vs. VHS Beta • What is the history of the What VCR? VCR? • What advantages did the What Betamax have over VHS? Betamax • Why did VHS win out over Why Betamax? What is the history of videodiscs? What • RCA SelectaVision RCA • Philips LaserVision Philips LPTV LPTV • Channel 16: WBEK-CA - (independent) - Augusta WBEK-CA • Channel 16: WCGT-LP - (independent/CTN) - Columbus WCGT-LP • Channel 33: WCAG-CA - (independent) - LaGrange WCAG-CA • Channel 46: WPHJ-CA - (independent) - Ailey/Vidalia WPHJ-CA LPTV stations are not subject to “must carry.” LPTV The Telecommunications Act of 1996 The • Helped broadcasters by lengthening license Helped renewal to 8 years. renewal • Allowed broadcasters to increase ownership Allowed coverage to 35% of the U.S. market • Required TV sets to have “V-chip” (see Required Exhibit 4.11) Telco History Telco • Why was AT&T given a monopoly on providing Why telephone service? (Hint: subsidize) • What were RBOCs? What • What are POTS and PANS? What • Bell Atlantic and GTE merged to become Verizon Bell • Bell South bought AT&T and became AT&T Bell title title Blu-Ray Slow to Take Off Blu-Ray • title title Source: Test on Chapter 4 Friday Test • Bring #2 Pencil Bring • Check for slides by email which will include Check study guide information ...
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