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Telecommunications 3010 Spring 2010 Test 3 Choose the best answer for each of the following items. Use A for True and B for False. True-False: 1. The first president to appear on television was Franklin D. Roosevelt at the 1939 World's Fair. Answer: True 2. The RCA color TV system ultimately approved by the FCC was compatible with existing black-and-white televisions. Answer: True 3. During the freeze that lasted from 1948 to 1952, no new television stations were authorized to go on the air. Answer: True 4. The very first cable TV systems were launched in the late 1970s thanks to satellite technology. Answer: False 5. As a result of the quiz show scandals, the networks took programming control away from sponsors. Answer: True. 6. The McCarthy era is known in television history because TV’s coverage of his hearings exposed their excesses to the American people. Answer: True 7. Red Channels was the report the FCC issued when it lifted the freeze. Answer: False 8. TV of the 1950s is often called the "golden age" because blacklisting was predominant. Answer: False 9. ABC and CBS were slow to adopt color television because they didn’t want to help NBC owner RCA sell color TVs and broadcast equipment. Answer: True 10. Syndicated exclusivity meant that a cable operator had to black out a distant signal carrying the same program as a local TV station. Answer: True 11. The original ABC network was the weaker of two networks run by NBC.
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Answer: True 12. TV broadcast channel 17 is an example of a UHF channel. Answer: True. 13. One of the results of the quiz scandals was that the networks rather than advertising agencies took predominant control of programming. Answer: True 14. PBS was the first broadcast television network to transmit all programming by satellite. Answer: True 15. "Must carry" states that cable systems must show syndicated programming including old reruns. Answer: False 16. The FCC’s Freeze on issuing new licenses for television stations was put into effect at the outset of World War II. Answer: False
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chapter3answers - Telecommunications 3010 Spring 2010 Test...

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