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Fortunate_Son - Fortunate Son Walter April 2006 New Little...

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Fortunate Son Walter Mosley April 2006 New York, New York Little, Brown and Company Time Warner Book Group Misfortunes of a black black man ShaTasha Harris Thomas Beerman
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Thomas Beerman, also known as Lucky, was born son of Brandwyn Beerman. His ironic nickname contradicts the fact that his life isn’t very lucky at all. Beginning at birth, Thomas was born with a hole in his lung at Helmutt-Briggs Hospital in West Los Angeles. There he spent the first six months of his life over the daily supervision and visitations from his mother. She worked at a florist shop and stayed in small urban neighborhood near Compton. Dr. Minas Nolan, a surgeon at Helmutt-Briggs Hospital, began offering Brandwyn rides home at night and inviting her out to dinner. He himself was suffering from his wife’s recent death that was caused by the birth of his baby boy, Eric. When Thomas is finally brought home, after Minas advises Brandwyn that he needed TLC outside of the hospital, Brandwyn moves in with Dr. Nolan, Eric, and Ahn (the housekeeper) to protect her son and keep him healthy. Thomas incurred several injuries and illnesses during his first few years of life. At the age of 6, Thomas lost his mother due to an illness (p.39), which later they believe was jinxed by his brother Eric. After the sad incident, his family is faced with custody issues when Elton (Thomas’s biological father) tries to take him away at Brandwyn’s funeral reception. Since Brandwyn never agreed to Minas’s marriage proposal, Elton had the right to gain custody of his son; separating Thomas from the only family he knew (p.53). Living with Elton, Thomas witnessed cursing, beatings, arrests and all sorts of things he’d never been exposed to staying in Beverly Hills (65). He now resided on Central Avenue away from the Nolan household. His first fear came from his father sexually harassing his girlfriend May, who his father had left his mother to be with because she got pregnant. Thomas watched his father being carried away by four policemen after only the first night of being with the two (p.67). When the policemen took Thomas after Elton and May‘s arrest, his maternal grandmother, Madeline, had come to take custody back of him. He stayed with her awhile, but he hated her boring lifestyle. After Elton was released from jail, Thomas moved back in with him. He lived on the back porch because he liked the scenery and peace he received from nature. He was later enrolled at Carson Elementary School. There, he made his first friend by the name of Bruce and later Bruce’s older sister, Monique (p.85). After only the first few days of school, Thomas decides that he would not attend school anymore because he disliked the class, the teacher, and the students. He built his little own Eden in the back of his father’s house where he had his own private clubhouse (p.115). He remained here for three years going unnoticed from being absent from school. He continued his friendship with Bruce but later met Pedro, who he allowed to share the occupancy his clubhouse. It wasn’t until
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