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Allori - being overly bright and white Then in contrast to...

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Allori, Alessandro Allori (1535-1607) was orphaned as a child after the death of his father. He was later adopted by Bronzino a friend of his father and trained in his workshop. He spent a little time in Rome and Like Bandinelli he was influenced by works from Michelangelo. He also made paintings for the Medici family who are the most likely to have commissioned this art. In Allori painting “Pearl Fishers” he shows hundreds of nude men, women, and children all around water supposedly fishing for pearls. However in this picture the people are scattered around and seem to be doing many different things. Out in the distance we see the many people out in their boats searching and diving in after pearls. Closer to us though we see men and women who seem to just be talking and relaxing in weird positions. Also there is a sharp contrast in light, common to the Mannerist style that Allori usually favored in his work. On the right side we see relatively tan figures but in the middle of them, the nude women sticks out as
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Unformatted text preview: being overly bright and white. Then in contrast to this whole side we see on the left a place that is so dark it’s hard to even see the figures. Finally off in the very distance we see mountains and the moon. Allori shows the influence of the Mannerist style in many difference ways in his painting “Pearl Fishers” The first trait of Mannerism is the distorted figures in the front. One example of this is the man closest to the bottom of the painting looking upwards. He looks as if he is about to explode. The top part of his body is totally unproportional to the rest of his body which is a common theme in Mannerist art. Another style found during the renaissance of art is the use of perspective. Allori uses this to show the depth of his painting. The use of perspective and a vanishing point allow us to see the extent of how many boats are actually searching for pearls. This would be impossible in earlier works because it would just look like a few boats that where close to shore....
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