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Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls - have dinner I think the Hawaiian type...

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Guys and Dolls (By Abe Burrows and Jo Swerling) February 24, 2007 Clark theater Intro: The play is about two different men, sky masters and Nathan, and how they deal with gambling and their girlfriends. The mood is somewhat exiting because of the up coming crap game. The conflict is between the guys and the “dolls” Ex. (Nathan wants to gamble but Adelaide wants them to get married) Praise: I think the play followed the script exceptionally well. I also found it enjoyable that the actors knew their cues which made the play smoother. I also believe the music was very well done and that it fit well with what was going on. The characters were also portrayed well especially Adelaide. I think she matched the voice perfectly which really made it more interesting. Criticism: One thing I disagreed with was the actors during the scene where sky takes the girl to
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Unformatted text preview: have dinner. I think the Hawaiian type scene didn’t really fit and was more cheesy that funny. If I were to do that I would take out some of the people and make the costumes a little less bright and wild. Also I feel that the background started to get repetitive after a while. I would recommend adding some of the signs later on in the script so it looked like it was changing with the play. Finally I felt that sometimes it was hard to hear/understand what the actors where singing I would just recommend a few more mics. Conclusion: That musical theater is harder than regular theater because you have to work on more things. For example learning songs, learning how to adjust the sound, and how to play music. I did like the play and would recommend it to other people who like theater...
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