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Hero Cycle - Hero Cycle 1 The greatest similarity between...

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Hero Cycle 1) The greatest similarity between Gilgamesh and Harry Potter is that, at first, they both embark on there quest to save their friend. This is seen in Harry Potter when he goes to rescue Ron’s little sister and in Gilgamesh when he sets out on his journey to try and bring Enkidu back from death. This then becomes the base behind the story and the reason the heroes are fighting in the battles. Although later, Gilgamesh does alter is search to try and become immortal it was only after he learned it was impossible to save Enkidu. Another similarity in both cycles is that both heroes are some what superhuman, Gilgamesh being 2/3 god and Harry Potter having extraordinary magical powers. The greatest difference in the two hero cycles is that when the story of Gilgamesh reaches its climax Gilgamesh fails his task to reach immortality. This is when he is given the test to stay awake for 7 nights and 6 days but quickly falls asleep and fails to reach immortality. However in
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