Initial Proposal

Initial Proposal - contain more bacteria than the bathrooms...

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Initial Proposal How much bacteria do hands pick up in a bathroom after they are washed? The reason this experiment is being preformed is to see how clean your hands really are if you wash them after you use the restroom. There were a few observations that led to this experiment. The first being all of the adults that always stress the idea that you need to wash your hands after you use the restroom. The second being that some people don’t wash their hands, but touch the door handle everybody uses. This then would spread bacteria to everyone that touches it. The last observation was the “Employees must wash hands” sign at all of the restaurants and fast food places. This provoked the thought, that, their hands might still be dirty by the time they got to the kitchen and started preparing food. This would cause the food to be unsanitary, and could cause sickness or disease to the people that eat there. The hypothesis for the experiment is, the bathrooms at school and public restaurants will
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Unformatted text preview: contain more bacteria than the bathrooms at peoples houses. This hypothesis came from the fact that most people will try and keep their bathrooms clean. Also it comes from the thought that people are more likely to clean their hands at home because they are not in a rush to get any where and have time to. For this experiment 6 bathrooms will be tested they include the following. 3 home bathrooms, a bathroom in the school, 1 fast food restaurant, and 1 sit down restaurant. The first step will be to take samples of the paper towel rack, the door handle, and the air dry machine if any. The samples will then be put on petrie dishes and let sit to see if any bacteria grows. Then another sample will be taken from the exact same places to verify the first experiment. While doing this experiment, the locations will not be warned in advance so they will not have a chance to clean or change the bathroom in any way....
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Initial Proposal - contain more bacteria than the bathrooms...

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