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Courtney Watts, Matthew Ferris, Eric Galles, Morgan Villiani, Michael Brown P L L L L McSleepy Purpose: To get people to buy McSleepy. I. Introduction A. Are you tired of waking up 9 times every night? Do you want to be able to sleep all night long without interruptions? B. Well now you can with the McSleepy pillow. C. We are going to tell you how we plan on selling the McSleepy pillow and also why we would be perfect for the job. II. Body A. Demographics 1. 20-35 2. Male and Female 3. Middle class B. Appeals 1. pediatricians approve 2. sleep hard, feel better 3. McDreamy C. Motto 1. to the point 2. spoken and written D. Logo 1. relaxing 2. drawn on E. Print Advertisement 1. people; common
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Unformatted text preview: 2. 10-15 times increase 3. company name, name, picture, motto, logo F. TV commercial 1. ABC; 7; people at home 2. perform commercial III. Conclusion A. We feel confident in our ability to make your product the best on the market. B. If you use our campaign and advertisements we have just provided you will see an increase profits that you can only dream of! C. So hire us and we will make your pillow a great success, earn millions of dollars for your company, and help you become an extremely well know and respected business. Finally just remember if you hire us you’ll be able to “Sleep right, starting tonight”!!!...
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