outline - iii Outgrowing Asthma iv Human Genome...

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Asthma Purpose: To let people know more about Asthma I. Introduction A) Over 108 people die from this every week, not to mention the millions who have to worry about this everywhere they go. (Setting the record straight) B) What I am speaking of is Asthma C) In this speech I hope to teach you a little more about the costs, medicines, and effects Asthma has on people. II. Body A) Asthma i. Psychological/ Physical ii. Peak flow iii. 2600 to 4600 deaths (1979-1988)-(University of North Carolina) iv. People effected v. Teenagers- (MedicineNet) vi. Inflamed airways- (National heart, lung, blood, institute) vii. Symptoms viii. Triggers (emotions, irritants) B) Medicines i. Long term- (National hear, lung, blood, institute) ii. Quick relief iii. Meter dose iv. Dry powder C) Cure i. Environment- (Medicine Net ii. Swimming (wet)
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Unformatted text preview: iii. Outgrowing Asthma iv. Human Genome project (genes 5, 11, 13)- Cure Reasearch v. Allergies D) Costs i. $6 billion (illnesses 1990)-(Higher Cost of Breathing) ii. $15 (bottles) iii. New $50 (bottles) iv. Ozone v. 1 billion increase (annually) E) People i. Poverty ii. 100 yearly (no health care) iii. Working class trend (dust) iv. More boys v. More women vi. 6%, 30%, 70% III. Conclusion A) I hope from this you where able to learn a little bit about Asthma. B) It is a serious illness and now you know more about the medicines, cost, people, and general information involved with having Asthma. C) Now hopefully, if someone you know ever starts to suffer from Asthma you will be able to recognize the symptoms and maybe even save their life....
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outline - iii Outgrowing Asthma iv Human Genome...

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